Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party


Promoted by Kay Hutchfield,

22 Station Road, Cuxton, ME2 1AB

on behalf of Act for Cuxton Together

Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party

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Party Leader: Kay Hutchfield


Originally from a small village in Hampshire, I moved from London to Cuxton in 1986. Our two children attended Cuxton Schools where I became a member, and later Chairman, of the school PTA. Currently I am a member of Cuxton Countryside Group, the Cuxtones Choir and Cuxton Bellringers.


I was asked to stand for Cuxton Parish Council in 2011 and have used my experience in making successful grant applications to good effect to find grants for village projects.





In 2015 the Parish Council became Political and the willingness of all councillors to work collaboratively was lost. This negative experience has reinforced my belief that Party Politics has no place at parish council level. I believe the best outcomes for residents and our village are achieved by councillors who are willing to work together constructively across political perspectives. This is why Act for Cuxton Together was formed.


Kay first learnt about a new approach to local government in 2015 from newspaper reports that emerged in Frome, Somerset. They advocate ‘Flatpack democracy’ that believes in “taking political power at a local level, then using it to enable people to have a greater say in the decisions that affect their lives” , and “the shoving aside of the big parties in pursuit of new ways of doing things". Click here to read an article about Flatpack Democracy.




In Cuxton the interest in Flatpack democracy has grown from a core group of current independent parish councillors to more than 30 residents from all political allegiances and none. The things they have in common is a willingness to work together, a respect for minority views and a vision of how parish councils can work differently to achieve positive change.