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Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party

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John T. Manning


My name is John T Manning and have lived in Cuxton for 10 years. I introduced "" to as many villagers as I can (577 members to date). This social media platform gives a "feel" of the mood of the village and its residents.



I have attended a few Parish Council meetings and was surprised by the adversarial tactics used by a small minority of councillors. Do we need an opposition in such a small gathering of unpaid people trying to do their best for the local community? Teamwork will bring results, and to oppose almost everything that's brought before the Parish Council doesn't sit well with either the councillors trying to improve the facilities or the atmosphere that all the councillors have to work in. We Need A Change.


I feel we need the proposed local community centre and we should pursue all avenues to obtain the finance to make it happen.