Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party


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Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party

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Treasurer: Ian Gray


Ian has lived in the village since 1976, after

moving from his Chatham home. During the

time his 3 children were growing up, he

acted as treasurer for the Friends of Cuxton

Schools for 13 years and involved himself in

all sorts of school activities.


Ian has been involved with the Cuxton

Countryside Group since its inception in 1995. He now leads this group of volunteers that, for two mornings every month, are out in our countryside keeping our footpaths accessible. Ian is also a committee member of the Cuxton Allotment Association in his ‘spare time.’


He supports ACT for Cuxton Together because he believes politics has no relevance when a strong community voice is better informed and able to act within this parish. ACT candidates will try to achieve, as they will commit to making improvements through their own volunteer support.