Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party


Promoted by Kay Hutchfield,

22 Station Road, Cuxton, ME2 1AB

on behalf of Act for Cuxton Together

Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party

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ACT 's Ethos


Act will work on your behalf...

  • Finding grants to improve the village facilities, not relying solely on the Parish Council to fund improvements.

  • Lobbying Medway Council about your concerns.

  • Attending consultations and keeping residents informed on issues that may affect Cuxton.

  • Using social media and surveys to let you have your say.


Caring for our community and local environment...

  • Building local resilience so we can help each other when things go wrong, and Medway services are stretched e.g. during heavy snow.

  • Supporting volunteers within the village organisations to continue their good work.

  • Building community events that are sustainable and help bring residents together.


Taking Cuxton forward...

  • Finding the funds to create a community hub that all residents can use.

  • Encouraging participation in Parish Council activities.

  • Developing a village plan.