Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party


Promoted by Kay Hutchfield,

22 Station Road, Cuxton, ME2 1AB

on behalf of Act for Cuxton Together

Act for Cuxton Together

People before Party

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Nomination Secretary:

Elizabeth (Buffy) Maisey


I moved to Cuxton 21 years ago after an active political life in a London Borough, and was soon elected to Cuxton Parish Council along with my husband Ray.


I currently chair the “Land Management Committee” of the parish council, which manages 6 Acre Wood, the Pavilion, the


recreation ground and the allotments. This committee also manages the annual Cuxton Big Lunch and Christmas Tree lighting and Carols event. I also sing in the parish church choir and lead a group called “Fresh Expressions of Church”.


Over the last 3 years I began to feel that politics has no relevance to managing village affairs.


I support ACT, (Action for Cuxton Together), which will seek to meet the needs of the community, improve the facilities of our village and promote community spirit and collaboration.